Asphalt Paving, Repair & Patching in OK & MN

Asphalt, like any paved surface, will begin to show wear over time. As water works its way under the surface, the freezing and thawing process will result in cracks. Other forms of weathering will wear away at the edges and repeated traffic will cause potholes. The eventual wear and tear on asphalt is inevitable, but asphalt repair can fix these problems and give you an even, level surface again. Fuller Paving asphalt company provides asphalt paving and asphalt patching to give you level, pristine asphalt and keep it looking neat and clean.

Asphalt will maintain its smooth look longer when it is installed over a properly graded surface with proper drainage. This prevents the ground from shifting underneath the asphalt and pulling it apart, forming cracks. This also prevents standing water from freezing and thawing, making cracks worse. Our asphalt paving teams work carefully to properly smooth and harden the surface underneath the asphalt before installation, creating a smooth, solid foundation underneath. We also carefully plan a slope to ensure water flows towards drains and gutters, instead of accumulating on the surface. If cracks do occur or you have existing asphalt that needs repair, we will carefully seal the cracks and level out the surface to make it smooth and even again.

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