Driveway Resurfacing, Sealing & Paving Repair in OK & MN

When you leave in the morning and when you return in the evening, your driveway is the first and last thing you see. Going over bumps and tripping over cracks is a minor annoyance that can become a significant problem when you deal with it every day. Fuller Paving fixes these cracks and holes so you can enjoy smooth, even asphalt again. We provide driveway resurfacing, driveway sealing and driveway repair for homes all over Oklahoma and Minnesota.

Since 1987, we have restored the beauty and curb appeal of homes with driveway resurfacing and repairs. Whether you have a new home or a classic gem, a paved driveway is an important part of your home’s exterior. An asphalt driveway adds value to your home and creates a more comfortable experience for residents. While cracks and holes can reduce the value and enjoyment of an asphalt driveway over time, these problems can be easily repaired. With driveway resurfacing, we will restore the original look of your asphalt with a clean, new covering. Driveway sealing will preserve the integrity of your new or existing asphalt and our driveway repair services will seal cracks, prevent them from getting worse, fill in potholes and give you a neat, even surface again.

To schedule driveway repair, sealing or resurfacing in Oklahoma or to get a free quote, call us at 405-641-8723 or call 507-215-1421 in Minnesota.